Leistungen CSF

Taking that first step abroad is a major move for any company. A new location brings new challenges, new partners, new risks but above all the promise of new market opportunities. All too often, however, IT problems can turn your global ambitions into a local nightmare – and the further away the country, the nastier the surprises. At CSF we know from long international experience where the pitfalls lie. And we can provide you with the ultimate antidote: the assurance that your local IT set-up is built and maintained to exacting Swiss standards and specifications.

The process will typically begin with a thorough on-site check-up of the new location, which we will conduct together with you or on your behalf. In the process we will systematically vet all the essential parameters like power supply, autonomy, network connections, legal constraints, security, data access, connectivity with the parent company and data transmission. Meticulous planning and time management are important here to avoid running up unnecessary costs. And we leave nothing to chance. The planned IT infrastructure is procured, configured and tested in Switzerland before being shipped out.

For the set-up, roll-out and ongoing operation of your new IT systems, our know-how is yours 24/7. Directly on-site, via the network or through expert coaching of your own IT people.

CSF does everything in its power to ensure that your move abroad is based on solid IT fundamentals – and stays that way.