Detect email threats faster and respond correctly - with PhishER

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Detect email threats faster and respond correctly - with PhishER

Detect email threats faster and respond correctly - with PhishER
As phishing remains the most prevalent method of cyber attack, most users report numerous email messages they consider potentially harmful to their incident response (IR) team. Even after security awareness training, potentially dangerous emails will continue to be reported by your users through the channels available in your company, institution or organisation.
You need to somehow get a handle on the increased email traffic. Your network is bombarded with spam and malicious emails, about 10-15% of which make it through your filters. It is estimated that only about one in ten reported emails is actually a threat. 

How can you take care of the really dangerous phishing attacks and cyber threats while accurately and efficiently managing the other 90% of messages reported by users?
By using PhishER, you can efficiently manage the reported messages.
PhishER is the central element in your cyber security workstream. This streamlined SOAR platform helps you orchestrate threat response and manage the many potentially malicious email messages that users report. By automatically prioritising emails, PhishER provides your data security and security operations teams with a quick view of incoming traffic so they can respond to serious threats faster. In addition, PhishER allows you to create an automated workstream for the 90% of reported emails that do not pose a threat. 

PhishER enables a critical workstream that allows your IR teams to work together to mitigate the risks of phishing attacks. The tool is suitable for any organisation looking for an accurate and fast solution to automatically prioritise and manage potentially harmful messages. 
PhishER is available as a standalone solution or as an optional add-on for KnowBe4 customers. 
Reasons to choose PhishER:


  • Automatic message prioritisation: with PhishER, you assign each reported scam to one of three categories: unsuspicious message, SPAM or threat.
  • Emergency Rooms: Emergency Rooms are automatically filtered views of the unprocessed messages in your PhishER inbox.
  • SIEM integrations: PhishER feeds data into popular SIEM platforms such as Splunk and QRadar for optimal integration into your business, institution or organisation.
  • PhishML: PhishML analyses every incoming message on the PhishER platform and provides you with information for a fast, accurate and easy prioritisation process.
  • PhishRIP: PhishRIP examines every message reported by a user in PhishER and searches and isolates similar messages across all mailboxes. (Support for Microsoft 365 and G Suite)
  • PhishFlip: With PhishFlip you can immediately "turn" a dangerous attack into real-life training. (In combination with KnowBe4 Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation)
  • Data Enrichment Intelligence: PhishER offers integrations with external services like VirusTotal to analyse attachments and malicious domains.


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