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WAN Backup

Client and company data is extremely sensitive and valuable. With a WAN backup, it can be easily recovered even after a serious incident.

Backups are tricky things, since most people only ever think of them once it is too late, which makes it all the more important to take precautions beforehand. WAN stands fo "Wide Area Network", meaning that a WAN backup is based on different, physically separated servers. This structure guarantees that the system as a whole will remain operational even if server local disruptions occur. There are many additional reasons to perform a WAN backup:

  • Daily data backups with shorter intervals also possible
  • Backups in two independent Swiss data centres
  • Physical protection against fire, water, vandalism
  • Protection against blackmail from ransomware
  • Encryption complies with the Internet Banking Standard (AES 256) and with BASEL II
  • High level of data availability
  • Recovery of data from up to one year in the past
  • Uncomplicated adaption of the saved dataset
  • Only the storage space actually needed is charged
  • Data compression saves storage space and bandwidth