An experienced team

of interdisciplinary experts:

trouble-free IT.

Since 30 years



Markus Haas, Herbert Spettel

The CSF team includes 16 staff members, most of them work in the Service and Engineering departements.

«Trouble-free IT means that you can focus all of your attention on your core business and outsource as many of your IT operations to CSF as you want.»
Herbert Spettel, CEO

«We take care of our clients' IT as if it were our own. That includes goal-oriented support from experts instead of vague answers from call centres, as well as a service that is available 24/7 and provides rapid response times.»
 Markus Haas, COO

«IT must simplify things. After all, technology is there to assist the user, not the other way around!»
Herbert Spettel, CEO

«There is a lot happening in the background to make everything work smoothly for our clients. We enjoy using IT jargon for interactions with third-party providers - but when explaining solutions to or clients, we prefer straightforward English, German or French, because IT should be simple and reliable.»
Markus Haas, COO