Deliver Real-Time Coaching in Response to Risky User Behavior.

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Deliver Real-Time Coaching in Response to Risky User Behavior

With the ongoing problem of social engineering attacks, bad actors try to exploit your users by looking for any way to breach your organization’s cybersecurity defense layers. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the human factor is involved in 82% of breaches. And, your overwhelmed, stressedout security teams need relief from the alert noise caused by the
repetitive risky behaviors of your employees. What if you could take user event data detected by your existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching to your users in response to their security mistakes, while also reducing the volume of alert noise for your Security Operations Center (SOC) team caSused by those
repetitive risky behaviors?

Now you can with SecurityCoach™.

What is SecurityCoach?
SecurityCoach is the first real-time security coaching product created to help IT and Security Operations teams further protect your organization’s largest attack surface — your employees. SecurityCoach helps strengthen your security culture by
enabling real-time security coaching of your users in response to their risky security behavior. Leveraging your existing security stack, you can configure real-time coaching campaigns to immediately deliver contextual SecurityTips that reinforce your security awareness training and policies to your users. This
improves knowledge retention and helps users understand the
risks associated with their behaviors. SecurityCoach integrates with KnowBe4’s new-school security awareness training platform and your existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching in response to risky end-user security

Why Choose SecurityCoach?
Your organization is facing an ever-increasing volume of social engineering attacks targeting your users. Your best defense is to develop a strong security culture across your organization that engages your users and reinforces the importance of following your organization’s security policies, strengthening your human
SecurityCoach creates significant time savings for your overburdened SOC team by reducing the volume of alert noise caused by repetitive risky behaviors, allowing the SOC to focus on high-priority threats.

With SecurityCoach you can:

  • Leverage your existing security stack to deliver real-time coaching to users based on their own real-world behavior
  • Build custom campaigns for high-risk users or roles that are considered a valuable target
  • Track and report on improved real-world security behavior across your organization
  • Reduce the burden on your SOC and improve efficacy through automation and reducing alert noise
  • Gain additional value from your existing investment in security products and services

How SecurityCoach Works

1. Security stack vendors you integrate with your KnowBe4 console will monitor for risky activity on your users’ devices.

2. Then, alert data is shared with SecurityCoach. SecurityCoach analyzes your alerts to determine the best opportunities to coach your users in real time.

3. When risky user behavior is detected and matches a detection rule, SecurityCoach automatically sends a real-time SecurityTip to your user via Microsoft Teams, Slack or email.


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